Steve's Story

Where it all began

Steve Kabuki started his tattooing and body piercing apprenticeship in 2002 in London. After quickly coming to grips with the fundamentals of his trade it was not long before his passion for traditional Japanese style tattooing came to light (link to jap page). Heavily influenced by the Japanese masters and their use bold colours, his style was born.

Zen Garden

How its progressed

Steve brings this love of colour and this Japanese influence into other genre of tattooing often linking styles together to create one off masterpieces. As Steve progressed through his career and his skill level increased he has become a master of cover ups, covering things that many other artists thought impossible. His passion for the Japanese style can often be seen implemented in his cover up work.

As popular tattooing styles have changed over time Steve quickly become known for his dot work, mandala and geometric patterns. Creating a lot of delicate lace and henna style designs for his clients. Steve loves the versatility of this type of pattern and uses it to create a more modern feel or to bring life back to those old or faded designs

However, he never lost his passion for the Japanese style. He will often combine traditional Japanese images with mandala or a geometric pattern creating a more modern twist on these designs.

Where are we now?

With his notably clean line work, use of colour, friendly demeanour and ability to put people at ease Steve has a diverse and inclusive clientele. His portfolio speaks for itself and you can see the Japanese influence throughout his work.

Steve’s clean line work really comes to the forefront with his use of mandala, lace and geometric style pattern work.

From big and bold fully body designs to a name on a wrist Steve loves it all. His passion and enthusiasm for his chosen career or just for life is always evident from your first meeting to your last.